Hanau™ Ulti-Mate™

Fixed Settings

Affordable, lightweight and easy to use!

Ulti-Mate™ Features:

  • Built-in average Bennett angle of 15°

  • Protrusive angle fixed at 30°

  • Magnetized fossae for stabilization of the fossa and positive return to centric position

  • Lower member designed to tilt the instrument back at a 45° angle

  • Innovative centric lock pins allow the instrument to be used in three positions

  • Uses the Hanau™ Springbow facebow (indirectly only)

  • Comes complete with: extension pin, anterior reference pin, wrench, 10 disposable mounting plates and instruction manual

Item No.Description

20011209Hanau™ Ulti-Mate™ Articulator

Ulti-Mate Articulator