Hanau™ Modular Articulator System

Modular with Adjustable Bennett and Orbital Indicator

Each Modular Articulator features:

• Positive centric latch

• Interchangeability of accessories and casts

• Wide lingual visibility

• Removable upper member

• Sturdy construction and ease of use


• Adjustable table

• Dual-end incisal pin

• 0˚-90˚ adjustable condylar inclination

• 0˚-30˚ progressive side shift

• 19mm (.”) superior radius

Item: 014102-000

*Please Note: All Modular Articulators and Facebows that require configuration are quoted on a case for case basis - POA (Price On Request)


Orbital Indicator- Frankfort Horizontal Plane

Item No: 005052-000

Disposable Mounting Plates

Item No: 1100026-10

Magnetic Mounting Plate

Item No: 20002367

Converter Plates (2)

Item No: 20002367

Instrument Case

Item No: 015601-000

​​Remounting Record Jig (Bonwill)

Item No: 003102-000

Remounting Record Jig

Item No: 009544-000

Adjustable Incisal Pin

Item No: 010670-000

Dual-End Incisal Pin

Item No: 010739-000

Adjustable Guide Table for Hanau Articulator

Item No: 010731-000