Touch-O-Matic® Features:

  • “On-Off” platform saves gas and reduces the heat load and electricity expended and also serves as a comfortable hand rest
  • Simply depress and turn platform slightly for continuous flame
  • Removable and rotatable shield protects the pilot and flame from drafts
  • Burner assembly can be conveniently detached for cleaning
  • Loop heat conductor and cup sold separately


Accessories Included in Special Offer

  • Loop Heat Conductor (Molten Wax) for Touch-O-Matic®
  • Item No: 002871-000
  • Waxing Cup for Touch-O-Matic®
  • Item No: 002870-000



Touch-O-Matic® Bunsen Burner Includes Accessories

$545.00 Regular Price
$495.00Sale Price
Gas Model

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